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Gripick™'s signature guitar picks are made of unbreakable space-age nylon; the same materials used by NASA on the space shuttles.  Our picks have a uniquely designed grip pattern which enables the player to grip the guitar pick in a manner which delivers superb control for the guitarist and virtually elminates the possibility of dropping it.

Our newest picks are made of delrin, an engineered thermoplastic used in precision parts that require high stiffness, low friction and excellent dimensional stability. Delrin was first synthesized by Dupont in 1952.

As well as our regular shaped picks, we have a line of guitar picks in the shape of Texas!  They are great for banjo players, and other pickers as well as a great novelty item.  Texas picks are available in all of our regular sizes below in both nylon and delrin.

All Gripick™
products come in several sizes.  We offer all products in nylon and delrin.  Sizes include jazz picks, standard 1mm, Bass 1mm and Bass 2mm. 

Gripick™ has proven itself on stage and in studios across the country. Guitarists get 'hooked' the first time they experience playing with Gripick™!  Check out our endorsements page and see just a few of the many fine guitarists who've joined the Gripick™ revolution!~

C.C. Wilkinson, founder and creator of the World's Best Guitar Picks
-Gripick ™, U.S. Patent & Trademark